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The number of incoming students to the DIA graduate program is growing. Along with the growth comes an array of difficulties and opportunities. The students are taken as the client addressing the current situation. This thesis will analyze the 'problems' of growth, by focusing on the merging phenomenon of hybrid working-living practices of the students. The aim of the thesis will be to develop a vision for the future of the DIA program.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This diagrams gather the proposals with the "scale" division, the order shows the secuence from one to another (from object to social (activities) to space to identity (dia)). They as well complement and are gathered in the main proposal : the study lounge.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


THE STUDY LOUNGE the main proposal is joying all scales, in other words, it gives a proposal for every scale.
Object Scale : capsules that work as bench-couches and tables for informal use, are designed to be transportable, and can be seen as a service as well, fulfilling activity needs (social).
Social Scale : academic activities such as lectures, presentations and exhibitions can be housed in the study lounge, suitable as well for hours destined to studying, working and time to organize, talk and discuss with colegues. The object fulfills the needs of sitting, and placing (notebooks, laptops, board games, food!)
Space Scale : the lounge formed by capsules that contribute with acitvities can be built and dismanteled by students, the "place" is everywere, the "space" is ephemeral.
Identity Scale : ma-dia is the individual. the image encapsulates objects, people, activites, and space. an image that can be placed in a building, in a campus, near the bauhaus, in the city.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monday, December 15, 2008

the results show how the reading is linear with an interesting front view but not side view.. for the next step that the rows analyzed become single cells a more interesting is expected. the size of each cell or element is 5x5x5cms, different sized will be considered for better results and for an approximation to the possible material.